Welcome to Nebuchadnezzar Wine CO.

Wine on tap and organic hard cider

At Nebuchadnezzar Wine Co., we make food-friendly red wine blends and an old-world style, barrel fermented, barrel aged hard cider made from organic apples. Our red wine blends we serve exclusively in five gallon stainless steel kegs for wine-on-tap programs. Wine on tap means the wine itself never goes bad, staying fresh until the last drop while also elminating the waste associated with glass bottles, metal capsules, corks, and labels. With the wine itself we strive to create a balanced, fruit-froward blend that stands up well to a wide range of dishes.

Our hard cider - "Far Cider" - is something completely unique. Organically grown heirloom apples from Sebastopol are naturally fermented in white wine barrels and aged for over one year before being hand bottled on a barrel-by-barrel basis. Given the aging requirements, quantities are often limited. Please contact us for an update on the small handful of local retailers who may have it in stock.